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ICO VelcomEx

⭐ Trading and Investing

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ICO Description

VelcomEx is the world's leading secured P2P Cryptocurrency exchange for trading cryptocurrencies over 200+ countries across the globe. Developed with cutting edge technologies, VelcomEx offers trusted p2p crypto trading with the best user experience. Buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies using fiat currency and also using crypto within seconds. You can buy/sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether.


For Novice:
VelcomEx assists you in buying and selling cryptos with simple steps. We allow deposit of Fiat Currency and begin your trading of cryptocurrencies more securely. In addition we have a 100% secured wallet to store your cryptos.


For Zealous Crypto Traders:
VelcomEx allows for buy and sells cryptocurrencies easier, faster and safer way. Make your trading with faster order executions, detailed crypto reports, back-up of order history and lot more.


For Full-time Crypto Traders:
Experience the most advanced p2p trading features and functionalities from VelcomEx. Enjoy the world-class p2p cryptocurrency exchange with lightning transaction speed.


VelcomEx Android App Features:
1. Open Advertisement placing instantly for buy or sell.
2. World-class mobile app based p2p crypto trading experience.
3. Enhanced price charts updating each second.
4. Advanced account security APIs.
5. The instant live chat system that connects you with your buyer and seller.


Using VelcomEx Android App, you can do,
- Trading of Fiat to Crypto, Crypto to Crypto, Crypto to Fiat.
- Faster Sign up and KYC verification.
- Safely Deposit /Withdraw fiat for completely free.
- Advanced Security with Two Factor Authentication Features.
- Send and Receive cryptos in your own crypto wallet.
- Safe storage and real-time balance checking.
- Easy tracking of your open trades.
- Sharing of QR codes with friends and traders.
- Updates of crypto-to-fiat conversion rates that suit you.


About VelcomEx:

VelcomEx is a Next-Generation P2P crypto exchange, packed with enthusiastic individuals toiling towards establishing a better platform to trade cryptos directly, anytime with trust and confidence fastly and quickly as possible without involvement of third parties.

VelcomEx,World's First emerging P2P crypto exchange allows crypto trading with 300+ payments supported on the single exchange. The cryptocurrency wallet app is also the ultimate companion tool to VelcomEx, one of the world’s biggest peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplaces. Our specialty involves multiple layers of security, high liquidity, Hi-Fi speed of order executions, 24 X 7 live customer supports and more.

VelcomEx with more flexibility allows users to trade cryptocurrency in a safe, secure environment backed by a feedback system and escrow to ensure that every transaction is successful.

Are you ready to send, receive, buy, sell and store your cryptocurrency in a more effective, smarter and faster way?
Download the VelcomEx now to put the power of VelcomEx in the palm of your hand!

If you have any doubts in installing, feel free to reach us at support@velcomex.com



Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies in a secured manner with high liquidity.



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✅ ICO VelcomEx details

ICO Details

ICO «VelcomEx» ICO Start: 2020-05-01

ICO «VelcomEx» ICO End: 2020-05-21

ICO «VelcomEx» Symbol: VEL

ICO «VelcomEx» Platform: Ethereum

ICO «VelcomEx» Private Sale Start: 2020-04-01

ICO «VelcomEx» Private Sale Finish: 2020-04-21

ICO «VelcomEx» Offering Type: ICO

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