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Vehron ICO

ICO Description

Vehron is pushing to make cryptocurrency mainstream by offering a free share of a new innovative currency $RIV coins to every human on earth for seamless financial transactions as the true currency of the internet.

The vision of Vehron is to create an ecosystem wherein everyone will be able to instantly perform payments and manage their financial assets with complete control with the next person within an ecosystem of unique set of services powered with a digital single currency.

The native currency of the Vehron blockchain network is called revival coin represented as ($RIV Coin) is built on the Polygon Network powering an ecosystem of services all designed to make wealth creation and management seamless, power next generation payment modules and a suite of services to follow from the ever exciting multiverse experience, NFTs and DEX services, academy, and payment gateways, and much more.

RIV coin is a next generation high speed cryptocurrency that connects the global digital economy and facilitates instant cross border payments in a peer-2-peer network within a decentralized ecosystem.

$RIV coin is a transitioning gateway, that allows fiat currency holders to have secured access into the blockchain and crypto space in the most safe and seamless way. By offering a free share to every human accounting future increase in global population, RIV coin is well on it’s way to becoming the main stream digital currency long awaited.

The Vehron blockchain wallet will give holders and investors a unique tool to hold, manage and spend their $RIV coin and other digital and fiat currencies anywhere in the world, whenever you want. Associated with the ZuumPay system, this will make the Vehron wallet the most interacting and applicable Dapp in the blockchain space.

✅ ICO Vehron details

ICO Details

ICO «Vehron» ICO Start: 05 05 2023

ICO «Vehron» ICO End: 07 27 2023

ICO «Vehron» Symbol: RIV

ICO «Vehron» Platform: Own Blockchain

ICO «Vehron» PreICO Start: 2023-03-11

ICO «Vehron» PreICO End: 2023-03-17

ICO «Vehron» Private Sale Start: 2022-12-13

ICO «Vehron» Private Sale Finish: 2023-01-28

ICO «Vehron» Offering Type: ICO

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