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The Abyss ICO

ICO The Abyss Description:

ICO Description

A game portal with a strong accent on MMO games and a primary focus on referral and motivational programs for players and developers. ABYSS tokens are a priority internal mechanism for interaction on the platform (ERC20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain). Our game platform will be available for Desktop (Windows, MacOS, Linux), Mobile (iOS and Android) and Web.

Key Characteristics of the Project:

  • Increasing income from a single user: a powerful, multilevel referral program whereby a user brought in by a developer provides the developer an income (paid in ABYSS tokens) from all payments and achievements in any other game on the platform.
  • The player also profits: An analogous referral system is built on a viral basis whereby players receive income (paid in ABYSS tokens) for bringing in friends, not just for their payments but also for the activity on the platform (achievements, content creation, subsequent referrals, etc.). The Abyss utilizes the principle of affiliate marketing: a maximal income is obtained by players and developers who are the first to bring in users to the platform. The system is oriented at more effectively inviting and retaining users than any other in the video game sphere.
  • Low entry threshold for the first check: dual currency options whereby all operations can be conducted in fiat money and the platform's own ABYSS tokens.
  • Convenience of using tokens: tokens can be transferred to cryptocurrency accounts both manually and automatically.
  • Saving money on marketing: an internal system of advertising offers (based on ABYSS tokens) enables traffic to be exchanged with other developers, receiving and passing along only relevant users.
  • The Abyss is a gamification service: a well-planned system of syndicates (Masternodes) enables the platform's users to be organized into communities that become sources 8 of income (paid in ABYSS tokens) for participants. It is one of the methods of controlling the volatility of tokens.

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⭐ The Abyss ICO details:

The Abyss ICO ICO Details

The Abyss ICO Start: 04 16 2018

The Abyss ICO End: 05 16 2018

The Abyss Symbol: ABYSS

The Abyss Platform: Ethereum

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