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RedEye ICO

ICO Description

RedEye is a Decentralized Breaking News Marketplace designed to help end Fake News. Our App and Marketplace allow users to record live video and Upload them to our Marketplace where they are minted and made available worldwide to all news media and content creators to buy.


RedEye is powered by RED a BEP20 fixed Supply utility Token used to Mint, buy, sell and curate videos on our platform. RED is also used to maintain the integrity of the platform by our governance and to pay users a share of profits from Ads run during their broadcast.


Impulse RedEyed aims to establish the worlds first truly decentralized and community governed Global Breaking News Marketplace. Our objective is to remove any potential agenda or bias, while eliminating the convoluted big capital narrative placed on the lens of breaking stories. Our platform allows the global community to witness events in real-time; in their true essence, raw and uncut. We will develop a NFT marketplace where anyone with a mobile device can become a direct source for “on the scene” real-time footage for the world’s news rooms, by patching these user recorded live content directly to these news stations.



✅ ICO RedEye details

ICO Details

ICO «RedEye» ICO Start: 2022-03-15

ICO «RedEye» ICO End: 2022-06-15

ICO «RedEye» Symbol: RED

ICO «RedEye» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «RedEye» PreICO Start: 2022-03-15

ICO «RedEye» PreICO End: 2022-05-15

ICO «RedEye» Private Sale Start: 2022-03-15

ICO «RedEye» Private Sale Finish: 2022-05-15

ICO «RedEye» Offering Type: ICO

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