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Orvium ICO

ICO Orvium Description:

ICO Description

Orvium is an open source, decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications’ lifecycles and the associated data. Using cutting-edge blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as decentralized storage and big data, Orvium creates a public, traceable, and trustworthy record of the research publication process.

Through continuous and transparent review by members of the scientific community, with reputational and economic rewards for peer reviewers, Orvium improves the effectiveness of research production and validation, empowering the research community to determine the validity and soundness of published work.

Eliminating current practices within the publishing industry regarding plagiarism, idea ownership, and registration, Orvium allows authors to retain control of their work and its potential economic benefits, publishing with optimal publication and access costs.
Orvium’s ultimate objective is to be the leading publication platform while returning the benefits of science to society.

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⭐ Orvium ICO details:

Orvium ICO ICO Details

Orvium ICO Start: 03 11 2019

Orvium ICO End: 04 01 2019

Orvium Symbol: ORV

Orvium Platform: Ethereum

Orvium PreICO Start: 2019-02-04

Orvium PreICO End: 2019-02-17

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