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Yahoo Finance: 56% of investors believe that Bitcoin is overrated


The Yahoo Finance portal conducted a survey among investors on the topic of how they relate to Bitcoin. The survey involved 6,300 portal readers. So, the questions and the results: Did you buy Bitcoins? 23% of respondents answered that they bought Bitcoins, of which more than half started buying them since the beginning of 2017, and 20% still own them.

Did you earn or lose money?

71% of those who bought Bitcoin answered that they earned money on it, 8% lost their money. The average profit was $ 3000, and the loss was $ 500.About 25% of buyers of Bitcoin said that this investment changed their life. They became richer and they had more free money.  Another 12% of this group said they earned enough to quit their job.15% of those who already own the BTC believe they have bought enough, and 56% plan to buy more. Among the respondents were also those who do not yet own the crypto currency, but 11% plan to buy Bitcoins, and another 38% think about it.

Do you think Bitcoin is overvalued?

56% said that Bitcoin is now overvalued. However, I think those who do not plan to buy crypto currency. Among those who thought about buying Bitcoin, only 15% think so.

However, they also reflect confusion over where Bitcoin is headed, what its true value is, and what it is even good for. In the poll, only 4% of Bitcoin buyers say they use it mainly as a currency for buying stuff, while 53% said they view it strictly as an investment. Thirty-seven percent said they use it for both.

Investors are not even sure Bitcoin will survive. Just 36% of all respondents think Bitcoin will still be around in 10 years, with 34% saying they don't think it will last that long. Thirty percent are not sure. That is probably the safest way to think about it.

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