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Michael Lewis is a renowned American writer known for his insightful and engaging books on various subjects, particularly finance and sports. Born on October 15, 1960, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Lewis has established himself as one of the foremost non-fiction authors of his generation. Lewis gained widespread recognition with his debut book, "Liar's Poker," published in 1989. The book, based on his experiences working as a bond salesman at Salomon Brothers, provided a candid and humorous insider's look at the excesses and culture of Wall Street during the 1980s. "Liar's Poker" became a bestseller and solidified Lewis's reputation as a keen observer of the financial world. Throughout his career, Lewis has continued to explore themes related to finance, economics, and human behavior in his writing. His books, including "The Big Short," "Moneyball," "Flash Boys," and "The Undoing Project," have been widely praised for their compelling narratives, meticulous research, and thought-provoking insights. "The Big Short," published in 2010, delves into the 2008 financial crisis and the individuals who foresaw and profited from the collapse of the housing market. The book was adapted into a successful film directed by Adam McKay, further cementing Lewis's reputation as a master storyteller. "Moneyball," published in 2003, explores the use of data analytics and unconventional strategies in Major League Baseball, focusing on the Oakland Athletics' pioneering approach to player recruitment and team management. The book was also adapted into a critically acclaimed film starring Brad Pitt. "Flash Boys," published in 2014, investigates the rise of high-frequency trading and the impact of technology on financial markets. The book sheds light on the complex world of Wall Street trading and the individuals who sought to expose and reform perceived injustices in the system. In addition to his work as an author, Lewis has contributed articles to prominent publications such as Vanity Fair, The New York Times Magazine, and Bloomberg. His writing is characterized by its clarity, wit, and ability to make complex subjects accessible to a wide audience. Overall, Michael Lewis's contributions to literature have earned him widespread acclaim and numerous awards, including the Gerald Loeb Award for Business Book of the Year and the National Business Book Award. His books continue to captivate readers and spark conversations about finance, sports, and the human experience.

Michael Lewis: The founder of FTX wanted to bribe Donald Trump for $5B

Michael Lewis - The founder of FTX wanted to bribe Donald Trump for $5B Michael Lewis - renowned American writer

Revelations from Michael Lewis: The Controversial Ties between FTX's Founder and Donald Trump

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