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CEO of Circle: cryptocurrencies need international regulation

ICO-NEWS-cryptocurrencies-need-international-regulation Jeremy Allaire | CEO of Circle

Large economies should begin coordinated regulation of cryptocurrency, said Circle cryptocurrency startup leader Jeremy Allaire. He stressed the growing support for the creation of international regulations for the regulation of digital assets by the cryptocurrency industry.

"Ultimately there needs to be normalization at the G20 level of critical crypto-related regulatory matters," he believes.

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Jackson Palmer: institutional investors will turn crypto into Wall Street 2.0

NEWS-Jackson-Palmer-crypto-into-Wall-Street-2.0 Jackson Palmer | Dogecoin Creator

The creator of Dogecoin, Jackson Palmer expressed concern about the arrival of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency industry. In his opinion, such a development of events could turn a decentralized ecosystem into "Wall Street 2.0".

"This is why I never understand people getting excited about ETFs, Bakkt, etc. Goodbye to decentralized peer-to-peer cash. Hello to Wall Street 2.0." Palmer tweets.

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El Petro's last chance: on the threshold of a decisive stage

ICO-NEWS-El-Petros-last-chance Nicolás Maduro | President of Venezuela

The loud statements of the President of Venezuela about the upcoming triumph of El Petro cryptocurrency and the possibilities to destroy the US sanctions pressure with its help have not yet received practical confirmation.

Against this background, a number of questions arise: is there a future for the coin, will it be presented in the listing of stock exchanges and can Maduro be able to put the country "on its feet" with the help of Petro.

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Fake-miners for Ripple, Cardano and Tether found on Google Play

ICO-NEWS-Fake-miners-found-on-Google-Play Lukas Stefanko | ESET researcher

Fake mining apps for XRP, Cardano (ADA) and Tether cryptocurrency found on Google Play. However, in reality, these applications only pretend that they are mining virtual coins, because from a technical point of view, mining of these tokens is impossible.

Fortinet employees noticed that applications are being promoted on Google Play as a means of mining XRP, Cardano (ADA) and Tether crypto-assets, but in fact, they are used only for displaying advertisements.

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Bakkt CEO: “we are on the verge of a cryptocurrency revolution”

ICO-NEWS-we-are-on-the-verge-of-a-cryptocurrency-revolution Kelly Loeffler | Bakkt CEO

The CEO of the upcoming cryptocurrency platform Bakkt, which is being developed by the operator of the New York Stock Exchange ICE, together with Microsoft and Starbucks, said it intends to carry out a "revolution" in the industry, similar to the one that happened with energy resources fifteen years ago.

On Monday, during a conversation with the publication of Fortune, Kelly Loeffler announced the appointment to the position of executive director of Bakkt former vice president of Coinbase Exchange Adam White. She also spoke about the possibility of a repetition of the situation in the past decade.

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The head of the World Bank: the blockchain potential must be used

ICO-NEWS-The-blockchain-potential-must-be-used Jim Yong Kim | World Bank President

Blockchain has enormous potential that the World Bank must use if it intends to keep up with innovative technologies. This opinion was expressed by World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, speaking at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and world banks.

Kim drew attention to the feasibility of using the blockchain to combat corruption and poverty, as well as to improve wealth in general.

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ICO «ViaBTC» on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain raised $ 30 million in 2 hours

ICO-NEWS-ICO-ViaBTC--raised--30-million-in-2-hours Haipo Yang | Founder

On October 8, the blockchain-company and the mining pool ViaBTC completed the initial placement of tokens (ICO) using the Wormhole protocol and the Bitcoin Cash network. According to exchange data, ICO ViaBTC Token attracted $ 3,700 per second, collecting a total of $ 30 million in just over 2 hours.

ViaBTC recently released a new token called Viabtc Token (VIAT) using the Wormhole protocol. The company calls VIAT an ancillary service that enhances the value of the core service with its availability and a bonus token that can be used as a "gas" or cost transfer method. When VIAT was released on the Wormhole network, the developers set a fixed number of coins to be issued at the level of 2 billion tokens.

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Ran Neuner: Bitcoin is «about to explode»

ICO-NEWS-Bitcoin-is-about-to-explode Ran Neuner | Cryptocurrency Analyst

Popular cryptocurrency analyst and host of the television show Cryptotrader on the American channel CNBC Ran Neuner is sure that the price of Bitcoin is "about to explode." On October 7, he wrote in his Twitter account: "I just bought Bitcoin for my parents. It's too obvious that it's about to explode... "

The ratio of Neuner to the price of Bitcoin has almost always been optimistic. In a recent interview with the hedge fund owner Michael Arrington expert said that by the end of the year Bitcoin will reach $ 25,000.

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Co-founder of Ripple Chris Larsen is on the Forbes 400 list

ICO-NEWS-Co-founder-of-Ripple-on-the-Forbes-list Chris Larsen | Co-founder of Ripple

Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen entered the Forbes 400 list this year. He was the 383rd among the richest people in the world in the opinion of the publication, and became the first who entered the list due to the state earned exclusively on cryptocurrencies.

Last week, Forbes released the new Forbes 400 list. Larsen's fortune is estimated at $ 2.1 billion, placing him at 383rd place. The leader of the ranking was Jeff Bezos, who earned $ 78.5 billion over the last year, who dismissed Bill Gates, who occupied the first place in the list for 24 years, from this position. In addition to Larsen, Drew Houston, CEO of Dropbox, made his debut in the rankings.

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Michael Novogratz: this year Bitcoin will not rise above $ 9000

ICO-NEWS-Michael-Novogratz-Bitcoin-will-not-rise Michael Novogratz | Bitcoin-optimist

The well-known Bitcoin-optimist and former hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz, who previously assumed the price movement of Bitcoin to new historical heights until the end of 2018, revised his forecast.

Previously, Michael suggested that the cost of all cryptocurrencies would reach $ 20 trillion, and Bitcoin would cost $ 40,000 by the end of 2018. Despite such positive forecasts, the year is coming to an end, and the current state of affairs in the market does not closely correspond to the declared. In this regard, Mike decided to change his forecast and at the Finance Disrupted conference, he said that by the end of the year Bitcoin would hardly be able to achieve a quarter of the value he had named.

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Coinbase investment valuation could reach $ 8 billion

ICO-NEWS-Coinbase-investment-valuation-could-reach--8-billion Brian Armstrong | Head of Coinbase

The American hedge fund Tiger Global, most of whose investments are related to consumer brands, plans to invest $ 500 million in the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange.

If the negotiations are successful, the company's market value will approach $ 8 billion, which will make Coinbase one of the highest-rated startups in the United States, as well as strengthen the legitimacy of the entire cryptocurrency market. There is also information that Tiger Global plans to buy out some of the shares of Coinbase shareholders, but no specific figures have been announced yet.

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Billionaire Zhao Dong: now is the ideal time to buy cryptocurrency

ICO-NEWS--the-ideal-time-to-buy-cryptocurrency Zhao Dong | Cryptocurrency Billionaire

The well-known Chinese OTC trader and cryptocurrency billionaire Zhao Dong believes that the next 15 months is the ideal time to acquire a cryptocurrency. According to Dong, you need to select a "quality undervalued project", buy its tokens and do not sell them for a long time.

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Tom Lee: Ethereum is ready to change the trend

ICO-NEWS-Tom-Lee-Ethereum-is-ready-to-change-the-trend Tom Lee | Fundstrat Analyst

In a note to Fundstrat Global Advisors clients, analyst Tom Lee wrote that the Ethereum is ready to change the trend to a bottom line and make a strong rally. According to the analyst, the perception of the air on the market turned out to be "too negative" and it allows us to say that in the near future the value of the cryptocurrency will be restored and will go on growth.

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Vitalik Buterin: zk-SNARK will allow to scale Ethereum up to 500 transactions per second

ICO-NEWS-scale-Ethereum-up-to-500-transactions-per-second Vitalik Buterin | Ethereum

The cryptographic principles underlying the zk-SNARK (ZCash-proof technology of zero-disclosure in the crypto currency) can greatly help with the scaling of the Ethereum network, Vitalik Buterin said during a scientific forum.

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Mike Novogratz: sellers in the cryptocurrency market are already depleted

ICO-NEWS-sellers-in-the-cryptocurrency-market-are-depleted Mike Novogratz | General Manager of Galaxy Digital

"There is a cycle of depletion of sellers in the market of cryptocurrencies," said General Manager of Galaxy Digital and former hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz at the second annual event of Yahoo Finance All Markets Summit.

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Venezuela will start using petro in international trade

ICO-NEWS-Venezuela-will-start-using-petro Nicolas Maduro | President of Venezuela

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced that Petro's National Petroleum Cryptocurrency, secured by oil, will be used for settlements in international trade from October. These words were heard on the air of local television.

"The Petro enters ... as a currency of exchange, purchase and convertible currencies for the world," Maduro said during the broadcast.

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US Federal Judge: fraudulent ICOs are subject to securities laws

ICO-NEWS--fraudulent-ICOs-are-subject-to-securities-laws Raymond Dearie | The US federal judge

The US federal judge ruled that the criminal case against two allegedly fraudulent primary tokens (ICO) placements is subject to securities laws.

District Judge Raymond Dearie on Tuesday ruled that the case against two allegedly fraudulent ICOs, which were carried out by a Brooklyn resident Maxim Zaslavsky, would be considered further, and the defendant's petition to dismiss the lawsuit was dismissed.

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Bitcoin overcame the $ 7000 mark against Tom Lee's forecast of a "New Year rally"

ICO-NEWS-Bitcoin-overcame-the--7000-mark Fundstrat analyst | Tom Lee

The price of Bitcoin, which has been floating for a long time between $ 6,400 and $ 6,700, has finally overcome the $ 7,000 mark. The reversal of the dynamics of the first cryptocurrency pulled the entire market - the total capitalization of digital assets at the time of publication is more than $ 229 billion.

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