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Robert Kiyosaki: Bitcoin will soon cost $135,000

Robert Kiyosaki - Bitcoin will soon cost $135,000 Robert Kiyosaki - Author of the best-selling book *Rich Dad Poor Dad*

Robert Kiyosaki's Financial Prophecies: Bitcoin, Gold, and The Future of Wealth

When it comes to wealth-building and financial freedom, few have the influential voice of Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of the seminal work "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Time and again, he's proffered predictions and insights that have left ripples in the financial community. His latest assertions on the trajectories of Bitcoin, gold, and silver are no exception.

Bitcoin's Meteoric Rise to $135,000?

Kiyosaki's bold proclamation has once again set tongues wagging. Predicting a substantial leap, he believes Bitcoin, currently hovering around the $30,000 mark, is set to skyrocket to a staggering $135,000. Such a monumental appreciation would undoubtedly alter the cryptocurrency landscape.

The Lustrous Future of Gold and Silver

Kiyosaki's financial foresight isn't just restricted to digital currencies. He envisions a luminous future for the more tangible assets of gold and silver. As per his predictions, gold, presently valued below $2,000, will soon breach the $2,100 threshold, eventually reaching a monumental $3,700. Silver, on the other hand, is pegged to rise from its current $23 valuation to a noteworthy $68 per ounce.

The Impending Digital Dollar and FedNow Service

Expressing reservations about the forthcoming FedNow Service, a digital payment infrastructure by the US Federal Reserve System, Kiyosaki sounded the alarm bells. He advises his vast audience to procure bitcoins, gold, and silver before the advent of the digital US dollar, signaling a potential paradigm shift in the financial sector.

Kiyosaki's Skepticism Towards Citibank's Blockchain Initiative

Despite his bullish stance on Bitcoin, Kiyosaki harbors certain apprehensions. His skepticism emanates from Citibank's recent announcement of its foray into blockchain-based banking. The introduction of Citibank tokens, designed for instant global transactions for its major clientele, raises questions about the long-term prospects of the world's pioneering cryptocurrency.

Conclusion: Deciphering the Financial Oracle

As with all predictions, only time will authenticate or debunk Kiyosaki's financial prophecies. Yet, considering his stature and past insights, his words certainly carry weight. Whether you're an investor, an enthusiast, or merely a curious observer, these predictions offer food for thought and underscore the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the global financial landscape.

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