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Raiden platform's tokensale raised $ 32 million


The tokensale of the platform of the payment channels of the Etherium Raiden, launched on October 18 and organized on the principle of the Dutch auction, ended November 1 at a rather moderate amount of 109 532 ETH (about $ 32.75 million). Of course, such an amount seems to be moderate only by the standards of 2017 - especially if we recall that in August 2014 only 31,500 BTC was collected at the Ethereum ICO itself, or about $ 18.4 million at the exchange rate for that period.

During the ICO, half of the total number of 100 million RDN tokens was sold (36% remains at the disposal of the developer - Brainbot Technologies, and the remaining 16% is reserved for the third-party payment system).

The final price at which all participants receive the RDN tokens is 0.0021906 ETH per 1 RDN. The tokens themselves will be sent to the purse addresses from which payment was made within 7 to 10 days after the end of the ICO and will immediately be available for secondary trading.
The passed token was already the third ICO, organized on the principle of the Dutch auction. For the first time, the Dutch auction was used in the ICO project Gnosis, but at that time the wrong choice of the starting price, as well as the rate of its decline, led to the auction ended too early, and 95% of the tokens remained unsold. The Raiden team took this experience into account, and the passed token can be considered a model for future ICO: it was possible to avoid both the initial excitement and loss of investors' interest at the finish.
Despite the high reputation of the Raiden team and the availability of the finished product, its tokensale was initially sharply criticized by community members, who pointed out that RDN tokens do not have value for the system, but serve only to finance developers.
However, the tokenssale has been successfully completed, and the opening of the DEVCON-3 Developers' Conference on November 3 is expected to announce the launch of a working version of the first sidekid Raiden - a network of micropayments.
The Raiden project has been under development since 2015 and should become one of the key elements of the Ethereum scaling, increasing its capacity, by some estimates, by 1000 times. However, the platform will have to enter into direct competition with the Plasma side-project, the idea of ​​which was proposed by Vitalik Buterin and the author of the Lightning platform, Joseph Poon, in August 2017.
Alternative scaling systems for the Etherium, such as Raiden and Plasma, are becoming especially important for the ecosystem right now - indeed, the basic mechanisms for increasing productivity, such as the transition to PoS and sharding, are delayed with launch until at least 2019.

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