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Moovy, an Upcoming App That Lets People Earn by Driving NFT Cars


Moovy is an upcoming Web 3.0 app that allows users to earn crypto tokens of $MOIL and $MGAS by driving NFT cars in both the accessible mode and car rallies. 

Users' earnings depend on the quality of the vehicles and the distance traveled by them.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - February 3, 2023 - The story of the Moovy began with the acquaintance of Bogatiy Borya and Roman.

After a few hours of conversation, Roman shared his developments in the blockchain, and by that time, Borya had already developed the idea of BBSoft ecosystem. Where they realized that they could be useful to each other. "We were lucky enough to talk to each other at a friend's birthday party about the world of blockchain."

Being a big car fan, the idea of earning money by driving your car in a game with d2e mechanics seemed to Borya a very interesting project. Where at the next meeting, Bogaty Borya and Roman discussed its details.

Having gotten acquainted with Roman's team and the system, Borya delved into the details of the Movie, where at that time, the game was quite linear. Having a great gaming experience, Bogatiy Borya suggested complicating the game mechanics so that the game would not become an m2e project but a project where the game would be in the first place and earning crypto would be a secondary aspect. Captivating the user with its game mechanics and the variability of the player's development in the universe. Everything that gaming corporations have been doing with such skills for years in the world of web2 gaming.

Thus, an avatar appears in the game, which is the player. An important aspect of the movie was the fact that owning a car in the real world should be similar to owning a car in a game. Each car has a driver; each driver can own several cars. The Avatar gives the player an understanding of who they are in the game, thereby sharing the player's accomplishments and their vehicle as an entity that the Avatar possesses.

Avatars have different directions that the player can choose depending on their personal characteristics, in particular in the frequency of movement and mileage. After all, a taxi driver and a housewife have different mileage and time spent behind the wheel. Someone earns more crypto due to high mileage, someone more due to the fact that they spend less on repairs or save on gasoline. For each driver in the movie, there is a different type of avatar that will fit the player's lifestyle, which is perfectly complemented by talent trees, special abilities, and different garages that each type of avatar has.

It was fundamentally important for us not to break the player's usual rhythm, forcing him to perform special tasks that go against the player's habits. We do not force; we only complement the lifestyle of each of our users. Moovy is a friendly and comfortable application; we value each user.

Car classifications also appeared for a reason. They also match the movement style of each of our players, complementing the player's strengths. The player's task is to upgrade his avatar and his garage in such a way that he can get the maximum benefit, which corresponds to the unique lifestyle of each of the players.

The game must first be a game and, only then, a means of earning crypto.

Any developer should take care of its players by creating new content for users in which players can compete and receive additional rewards, join communities and complete both single and group tasks. Participate in large-scale competitions and win valuable prizes in real life if you win. To do this, we have prepared a huge number of patches with the release of new mechanics so that the player can gradually learn while being in the Moovy universe, where after a while, he will be able to masterfully use all aspects of the game without feeling bored from the routine and linear plot that so often suffers from. web3 projects.

It was important for the movie team to take into account all the little things about car ownership, from car maintenance, replacement of brakes, discs, engine oil, gearboxes, filters, and other things, ending with compliance with traffic rules in real life, we respect and encourage players who do not violate traffic rules.

Thus, in the game, in case of a speed violation, the player stops earning MGAS and runs the risk of being caught by the police both in real life and in the Moovy universe, where he risks getting a fine in the form of a ban on driving for a certain time.

BBSoft has invested over $500,000 in Moovy. The game was assembled from scratch, brick by brick, starting with the interface and ending with game mechanics, each time becoming more and more complex and interesting.

Avatar, talent system, leveling, ultimates, garages, cars, car upgrades, license plates, service, spare parts, marketplace, containers, mint, crossing, quests, rallies, golden rallies, police, rewards, hall of fame, wheel of fortune and a lot of game mechanics that turned Moovy into a whole metaspace of drivers.

"Well, how can you not buy this?" - Boris thought, and after 8 months of development and the movie being in the status of endorsed by BBSoft, he completely bought out Moovy.

"Today it is correct to say -that Moovy by BBSoft is going to be the top virtual platform to earn by driving NFT cars and taking part in rallies," says Bogatiy Borya and COO Moovy Roman.

Learn more at: https://moovy.io

Check the Whitepaper at: LINK

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