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  • Maxime Bernier: cryptocurrencies are a new way to counter central banks
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Maxime Bernier: cryptocurrencies are a new way to counter central banks

Maxime-Bernier-cryptocurrencies-a-new-way Maxime Bernier | The founder of the People's Party of Canada

The founder of the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, said that he supports Bitcoin and does not object to the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the country's economy. Bernier tweeted this week that cryptocurrencies are a new way to counter the actions of central banks that are destroying money and the economy. 

In May, the Canadian central bank identified cryptocurrencies as high-risk assets that pose a threat to global financial stability. Unlike other central banks that are actively exploring the possibility of issuing their own digital currency, the Central Bank of Canada sees more risks than benefits in government stablecoins.

Bernier criticized the Bank of Canada for this position and believes that the actions of the regulator cause much more damage to the country than cryptocurrencies - we are talking about "printing money", which only depreciates the Canadian dollar and contributes to inflation.

The politician also expressed dissatisfaction with the policies of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to Bernier, it lowers the standard of living of the population. 

"I would call myself a supporter of conservative assets - gold and silver, but cryptocurrencies can resist central banks, so they should be encouraged," 

Bernier wrote.

The politician's remarks appeared on the eve of the federal elections in Canada, which will be held on September 20. Bernier is known as "Mad Max" for his outspoken criticism of coronavirus vaccination requirements.

In addition, he advocated the abolition of quarantine and mask regime, and also spoke out against the creation of vaccination passports.

Overall, Canada is more loyal to Bitcoin than the United States. This year, the Ontario Securities Commission approved the launch of several exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on Bitcoin, while the American regulator is in no hurry to make this decision. 

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