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Goldman Sachs plans to introduce Bitcoins for trade clients


As they say - money does not smell, especially virtual. In the Wall Street Journal there was news that the banking giant Goldman Sachs, working on a solution that would allow its investors to trade Bitcoin directly. Such a decision will make Goldman Sachs the leading company of Wall Street, which allows its investors to gain access to the rapidly growing market of crypto currency.

Other companies, such as Grayscale (GBTC), also have similar solutions, but according to the bank's representative, it will be a completely new market:

"Our customers are showing increasing interest in digital currencies and our task is to provide them with the best possible service in this space."

Increased attention leads to increased regulation. Although such actions by Goldman Sachs can speed up the legitimization of the crypto currency in the legal field, it will also attract increased attention from the regulatory authorities. However, it is worth noting that employees of the Federal Reserve System (US Federal Reserve) have repeatedly stated that they pay close attention to the study of crypto currency. It is also worth noting that the SEC is developing documents for the introduction of regulations on ICO.
Need more volatility

This year, Goldman Sachs faced a significant drop in revenue (21%) in the stock market. The company associates this with the drop in volatility in the classical markets. Goldman Sachs traders could not properly take advantage of the panic that existed this year in the market, and now the company is looking for new sources of volatility so that their investors do not start to run away because of the fall in profits.
"Goldman Sachs is known as the most reliable trader on Wall Street, with profit at the fixed income division down 21% from the same period last year to July 2009. This is due to poor performance in commodities and currencies."
How it will affect the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies such a heightened interest of the largest investment bank on Wall Street is hard to say for now. However, this undoubtedly casts doubt on the statements of the leaders of other banks, such as Jamie Dimon.

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