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Gary Gensler: Cryptocurrencies don't need new regulations

Gary Gensler Cryptocurrencies don Gary Gensler - The chairman of the SEC

Navigating the Cryptocurrency Regulatory Maze: Gary Gensler's Stand on Existing Laws

When it comes to the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, one voice that holds a significant influence is Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). His perspective on regulatory frameworks for digital assets has been a topic of immense discussion, not just among industry insiders but also across the broader financial landscape.

Existing Regulations: Adequate or Outdated?

Addressing the attendees at the Washington Securities Compliance Forum, Gensler asserted that the current legal frameworks were sufficient to regulate and take action against cryptocurrency entities that might be straying from compliance. His stance has been a matter of contention, especially with many from the crypto community and congressional Republicans pushing for more defined rules tailored for digital assets.

Gensler's argument hinges on the Howey test, a benchmark that determines what qualifies as securities. In his view, the definition provided by the Howey test – which identifies securities as an "investment of money in a common enterprise with the expectation of profit derived primarily from the efforts of others" – already encompasses a broad range of assets, including many crypto offerings.

Investor Protection: A Universal Right

One of Gensler's consistent messages has been that regardless of the type of asset, all investors warrant the same level of protection. He reinforced that if the legislative intent was to restrict securities laws solely to traditional instruments like stocks or bonds, such specificity would have been articulated in the historic 1933 or 1934 regulations.

The Underbelly of the Crypto World

Gensler's candid commentary on the cryptocurrency market's challenges is telling. He emphasized the rampant issues of fraud, insolvencies, and money laundering plaguing the crypto sphere. Drawing a line of comparison, he stated that the standards of compliance expected from traditional financial institutions like the New York Stock Exchange or hedge funds should be no different for cryptocurrency entities.

Bitcoin's Distinct Status and SEC's Proactive Steps

While there's a general consensus that Bitcoin remains an outlier, Gensler reiterated this by clarifying that it doesn't align with the Howey test, effectively not categorizing it as a security. But, the broader crypto industry remains under scrutiny, with the SEC allocating a whopping $2.4 billion to tackle non-compliance within the domain.


As the crypto space continues to mature, the dialogue around its regulatory needs will intensify. While Gensler's conviction in the adequacy of existing regulations stands firm, it's evident that the broader industry seeks clearer guidelines to navigate the digital frontier.

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