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  • Chimpzee - new green web3 project reaches goal to plant over 1000 trees to restore Brazilian rainforest
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Chimpzee - new green web3 project reaches goal to plant over 1000 trees to restore Brazilian rainforest


Chimpzee is a revolutionary new way for people to earn income while saving the environment and animals at the same time.

This new web3 project is set to disrupt the crypto industry and work as a bridge that will empower more people to contribute to worthy organizations focused on saving the environment and animals from extinction.

Chimpzee working together with One Tree Planted will plant 1200 trees in the Acre region of Brazil to help restore the Brazilian rainforest. This was made possible through empowering hundreds of people to join the new Chimpzee movement in the very early stages of the project's ongoing presale. Chimpzee will sweep around the world as it continues to grow and is set to make a positive impact on the environment and the animals, we share this planet with.

The Chimpzee project is the first in the world to provide people with three ways to earn passive income while helping to save the environment and animals simultaneously. This is done through a new ground-breaking eco-system that offers an opportunity to buy (shop2earn), trade (trade2earn) and play (play2earn) while earning rewards.

The Chimpzee shop is not just an ordinary online marketplace for purchasing items. Instead, it serves as a central commercial center that offers a wide range of goods and commodities. Earn CHMPZ coins on every purchase you make and feel good about making a difference at the same time as a percentage of all profits are donated to charity.

The NFT marketplace, on the other hand, is the world's first environmentally focused marketplace that will share a percentage of the trading fee profits with active users on the platform.

The Zero Tolerance Game is a unique feature that allows players to earn CHMPZ tokens when they achieve certain milestones. The game is named after the principle that there should be "zero tolerance for abuses against nature and our environment.

The Chimpzee NFT passport is the key to maximizing passive income within the ecosystem as it will provide holders with the most rewards and highest earning potential.

Visit the Chimpzee website to learn more about this revolutionary new project set to be a disruptive force in the crypto space that will make it easier than ever for people to now benefit and contribute at the same time.

About Chimpzee

Chimpzee is the first web3 project that provides three ways for people to earn passive income while simultaneously saving animals and fighting climate change. The new Chimpzee green initiative significantly emphasizes protecting our natural environment. It seeks to increase public awareness and revolutionize the way people contribute to charitable organizations that help endangered species and fight climate change. 

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