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ICO Description

N2 Coin - N2 brings together both Banking and Crypto services onto a Single platform. N2 aims at upgrading the current Business Model by harnessing the power of Blockchain technology. N2 plans to enable banks by integrating blockchain technology to adapt to both traditional banking services and crypto-based services. Our objective is to ensure synergy between banks, users, and crypto services without disrupting one another. N2 is focused on empowering banks by retaining their customers, allowing them to perform all their banking services and crypto-based services in a single platform without shifting their funds.


The N2Group is a team of passionate individuals hailing with mastery in multiple domains to offer blockchain-based solutions to a wide variety of industries, businesses, and individuals alike. Maintaining a remarkable track record of 18 delivered projects, and 5 projects under development, the N2Group aims to leave its mark in the evolution of several domains by enabling them with blockchain technology.

N2Group is one of the leading companies that provide blockchain-based solutions and services for various sectors in several countries. N2Group is deeply rooted in blockchain technologies for more than 2 years. This is mainly due to our efficient business model, visionary management, and cutting edge solutions.
The constant drive for innovation is encoded in the N2Group team members’ DNA. This becomes the prime reason behind the long-term success of the company.

In its historical development, N2 has been analyzing and successfully resolving inefficiencies in many sectors by developing innovative and convenient solutions. Using blockchain technology, N2 solves the challenges that are currently being faced by the banks and it's users.

N2 platform aims to entrust optimal convenience in availing banking and crypto-based services in a single platform that integrates multiple features and offers solutions to financial business and personal needs.
We strive to create a haven for several financial services that can exist in harmony and synergy to cater to the multiple needs of our customers.



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ICO Details

ICO «N2 Coin» ICO Start: 2021-02-01

ICO «N2 Coin» ICO End: 2021-06-15

ICO «N2 Coin» Symbol: N2C

ICO «N2 Coin» Platform: Blockchain

ICO «N2 Coin» PreICO Start: 2020-12-15

ICO «N2 Coin» PreICO End: 2021-01-31

ICO «N2 Coin» Offering Type: ICO

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