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Mini Gold ICO

ICO Description

Mini gold is a new way to invest in the future. We’re a next-generation tokenomics platform that enables you to purchase digital tokens backed by real-world assets. Our tokens are supported by a basket of precious metals, including gold, silver, and platinum.


With meta gold, you can own a piece of the future and hedge against inflation. Our tokens are easy to buy and sell and are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. With meta gold, you can be your own bank. Join us as we build the future of finance.

Our aim is to introduce safe, trustworthy crypto coin to the market and participate in restoring credit to presale cryptocurrency market, we understand how person feel & its pain when scammed, unfortunately some of our team member, friends, family and may you experienced it, our coin is against Rug Pull. Let’s return credit to the presale cryptocurrency market.

Mini gold team has a wealth of experience and a diverse set of skill that allow us to tackle any challenge that comes our way, we work well together, each team member bring unique perspective and ideas to the table, leading to innovative solutions and successful project, we are in the market since 2016, our long tenure in the market give us experience and knowledge to navigate market fluctuations, changes and to adapt to changing market trends, our team member are expert in their fields and have a deep understanding of the market dynamics, which allows us to make informed decision and adopt to changing the condition, we continuously monitor the market and adjust our project strategies according to ensure that we remain competitive and successful. Our experience in controlling market fluctuations, allow us to establish a strong and resilient project that can withstand market challenges.it will be great having you with us and ensure great experience for you to be a part of such a dedicated and talented project.

Our cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology, which is considered to be one of the most secure and transparent ways of storing and transferring digital assets. The blockchain is a decentralized public ledger that records all transactions, making it virtually impossible for hackers to tamper with or manipulate the data.


We also use advanced encryption techniques to protect our customers' personal and financial information. All transactions are processed over secure channels, and sensitive information is stored on secure servers that are protected by multiple layers of security.

 Furthermore, our team is composed of experts in the field of cybersecurity and blockchain technology, which ensures that our cryptocurrency is always up-to-date with the latest security measures.

Overall, our cryptocurrency is designed to provide our customers with a safe and secure way to store and transfer their assets. We are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our customers by providing a safe and reliable service.

We will create and nurture a self- sustaining economy of both established and new innovative businesses, with the world future proofed.

Unlike some of our competitors, MINIGOLD MG is a World built for the future. We have specifically designed to be fully upgradeable, with our graphics and trade world capabilities continuing to improve in-line with the latest innovations and trends in the VR, trading, blockchain and gaming sector its goal is to provide instant anonymous online payments and investing.

Smart Contract code is created by our professional team developer with project details added.

MG is registered in sbc (BNB Smart Chain) and listed in PancakeSwap with 27% liquidity locked.

✅ ICO Mini Gold details

ICO Details

ICO «Mini Gold» ICO Start: 2023-02-18

ICO «Mini Gold» ICO End: 2023-03-18

ICO «Mini Gold» Symbol: MG

ICO «Mini Gold» Platform: www.minigold.io

ICO «Mini Gold» PreICO Start: 2023-02-10

ICO «Mini Gold» PreICO End: 2023-02-17

ICO «Mini Gold» Private Sale Start: 2023-01-25

ICO «Mini Gold» Private Sale Finish: 2023-03-18

ICO «Mini Gold» Offering Type: ICO

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