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Meta Planetary ICO

ICO Meta Planetary Description:

ICO Description

META PLANETARY truly embraces the decentralization credo and bakes into our own skeleton a decentralized governance structure. This is facilitated by the indigenous token named META PLANETARY.


META PLANETARY strikes a delicate balance between DTL-empowered cross-border payment and the rigorousness and accountability of any large-scale transaction system.


We build atop BNB Liquidity Hub that has inherent support for digital assets from global crypto markets. In addition, our platform is intentionally built to be EVM-compatible, allowing the merge between legacy systems with the smart contracts incorporating decentralized finance business logic on the blockchains, in particular Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.


Decentralised Metaverse
The notion of Metaverse arguably refers to the digitalization and dematerialization of a great many facets of our surroundings and activities. It is uncontested that the Metaverse will not only affect but also become part of everyone’s future.
As our society values freedom above all else, it is necessary to keep the provisioning of Metaverse and its inclusion in the control of the people, as opposed to leaving it for a selected few Big Tech. To this end, decentralization is the only provably feasible approach. The Decentralised Metaverse, which is built atop the Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT), is the one and only Metaverse that will prevail.

⭐ Meta Planetary ICO details:

Meta Planetary ICO ICO Details

Meta Planetary ICO Start: 02 14 2023

Meta Planetary ICO End: 04 14 2023

Meta Planetary Symbol: MPY

Meta Planetary Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Meta Planetary PreICO Start: 2023-01-06

Meta Planetary PreICO End: 2023-02-15

Meta Planetary Offering Type: ICO

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