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ICO Mantra-Fi


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Mantra-Fi ICO

ICO Description

Mantra-Fi Is An User Friendly Crypto Investment Platform First Time Launched By The Socialpreneurs That Builds Well Researched,Diversified Crypto Portfolios,Control Risk By Allocating Funds To Promising Crypto Projects Across Different Crypto Industries, Themes And Easily Accessed By The Peoples Of Grassroots To Top.

Mantra-Fi infuses a portfolio-driven approach to investing; individual crypto units will be credited to your broker’s account once you make a purchase. This is not the case with respect to a mutual fund, where you gain access to the aggregated fund alone and not the underlying crypto.

What this also means is that when you invest in Mantra-Fi Baskets, you become a part-owner in every coin that is in the portfolio of your chosen basket, and you are eligible for dividends and other rights assured to cryptoholder. Mantra-Fi Baskets are like liquid crypto with no concept of lock-in periods.

They are a way of investing that offers more flexibility and choice, while still being liquid. The lack of lock-in periods means Mantra-Fi investors can get out at any time without losing their entire investment in case it doesn’t work out as planned.

Mantra-Fi are the perfect solution for those who want to diversify their investments without taking on too much risk. We provide low minimum investment amounts and well-rounded theme-based asset classes as affordable investment options that don’t break your bank account!

We Have Our Own Mantra Coin (MAC) Which Ensures Safe Transactions As It Is Linked To An Entire Ecosystem Of Mantra-Fi. We Have A Vision Of Global Social Welfare Out Of Its Maximum Proceeds. 



✅ ICO Mantra-Fi details

ICO Details

ICO «Mantra-Fi» ICO Start: 2022-11-05

ICO «Mantra-Fi» ICO End: 2023-03-05

ICO «Mantra-Fi» Symbol: MAC

ICO «Mantra-Fi» Platform: Binance

ICO «Mantra-Fi» Offering Type: ICO

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