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iDemi Transfer ICO

ICO Description

iDemi Transfer is a decentralised project based on Binance smart chain with various dApps. Our Dapps has unique features where users will be able to interact easily and make passive income. A DeFi platform based on Binance Smart Chain that brings various decentralized applications with a diverse set of unique features to the crypto community.

Get easier and cheaper transactions, less stressful token bridging, big earnings, and fast token swapping. Becoming the first to bridge token by token, e.g. token A on BSC bridged to token A in the Ethereum chain. Larger diversity all in one platform.

Having greater manipulation and marketing view will list other tokens to the platform, bring relation between tokens and NFTs by farming, swapping, sending, and receiving, and growing socially through partnership on Defi space.

iDemi Transfer will have a native token called “DEMI” DEMI token will be used as the basic utility token in the project. It will also give holders governance in the company.

Our community will hold greater input to our progress. By being a holder as said above, your suggestions and feedback will be of more value and considered as helpful. Decision-making will be laid before the community and accepted considering all inputs and the company.

Have you ever received crypto, invested and farmed more, swapped, bridged to another network, and sent all on one platform... you can now do that in iDemi Transfer.


Documentation - LINK


✅ ICO iDemi Transfer details

ICO Details

ICO «iDemi Transfer» ICO Start: 2022-04-12

ICO «iDemi Transfer» ICO End: 2022-05-12

ICO «iDemi Transfer» Symbol: DEMI

ICO «iDemi Transfer» Platform: BSC Network

ICO «iDemi Transfer» Offering Type: ICO

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