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FishVerse ICO

ICO Description

FishVerse completely revolutionises fishing. Being the only realistic fishery game which offers variety of fishing experience, as well as breeding and fishery business development with monetization options. All of this is arranged in a realistic and aesthetically attractive environment.


  • Experience the closest thing possible to real fishing: Complete missions and compete against other fisherman in genuine fishing events. 
  • Modify & Upgrade: Buy, upgrade and customise your equipment.
  • Fish & Earn: The more difficult the fish is to catch, the greater the potential rewards!
  • Develop: purchase NFT land, breed and combine your rare fish or run a Repair Shop.
  • Explore the fully open World: Explore the wide world of fishing in realistic surroundings with dangerous weather, amazing scenery, and unique equipment.


FishVerse offers a Simulation and Strategic style of gameplay. The team's primary emphasis is on building a high-end product based on blockchain technology. Not only does it target participants of P2E games, but it also targets genuine fishermen. FishVerse is working on a strategy to achieve universal support and to bring true Web 2.0 gamers into the world of blockchain technology.

✅ ICO FishVerse details

ICO Details

ICO «FishVerse» ICO Start: 2022-12-08

ICO «FishVerse» ICO End: 2022-12-14

ICO «FishVerse» Symbol: FVS

ICO «FishVerse» Platform: Cardano

ICO «FishVerse» Offering Type: ICO

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