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ColliderCoin ICO

ICO Description

ColliderCoin is the first real world utility DeFi token and the worlds fastest and cheapest decentralized payment processing system for businesses of all sizes utilizing Solana Pay.

 !!! Invite someone to our STO starting May 1st and you and your friend both get 2500 MCCN tokens, free! As a referrer, you can earn up to a total of 25,000 free MCCN tokens !!!

Every business uses a credit card terminal or card reader which connects to your point-of-sales system. That system runs software that initiates the transaction through the credit card terminal and either clears or denies the transaction through your merchant account service, and it’s all controlled by nothing more than software.


Our system also consists of nothing more than software that is extremely simple to setup in no more than a few minutes and works with most major point-of-sale systems. The Collider Network establishes a connection to the Solana network instead of a standard merchant network and processes your transactions from any card reader just as fast and far cheaper. Most existing counter top card terminals purchased from other merchants can also be easily programmed to work with the Collider Network.


Because of the unique nature of Solana’s network and Proof of History Consensus, transactions are and always will be incredibly cheap and because Solana has a transaction fee “range” it will always be far cheaper. This also means it’s cheap for investors to trade so we are simply taking advantage of this amazing and underutilized network to make purchases cheaper and putting more of it back into your pockets!


With Solana transactions averaging just $0.00025, we simply knock a few zeros off of every transaction into a pool that is then distributed to MCCN holders every 24 hours. Now, if that doesn’t seem like a lot to you just keep in mind, in 2021 retail sales equaled $25.04 trillion worldwide and increases every year! It only takes one decent sized retailer to make your pockets heavier.


✅ ICO ColliderCoin details

ICO Details

ICO «ColliderCoin» ICO Start: 04 01 2022

ICO «ColliderCoin» ICO End: 05 01 2022

ICO «ColliderCoin» Symbol: MCCN

ICO «ColliderCoin» Platform: Solana

ICO «ColliderCoin» Offering Type: STO

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