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CoinAvatar ICO

ICO CoinAvatar Description:

ICO Description

CoinAvatar is a platform that uses non-fungible tokens (“NFT”) technology to mint personalized NFT coins that reflect your crypto holdings. It's the first service of its kind, offering a unique and innovative way to visualize and showcase your digital assets.


With the help of CoinAvatar's constructor, users can mint NFT coins with exclusive attributes, ensuring that each made NFT coin is unique and completely original.  Apart from the visual aspect, CoinAvatar also offers financial benefits. Each user's NFT coin gives them easy access to various cryptocurrency staking options, ensuring rewards in the long term.


To achieve this, users lock some of their cryptocurrencies inside the NFT coins during creation, which forms the basis for calculating future rewards from staking. By doing this, users can be confident that their NFTs will not be worth less than the cryptocurrencies locked during their creation, providing users with greater confidence in the value of their assets. 


For those who are scared of unpredictable market crashes, we’ve added a possibility to lock stablecoins inside NFTs. This equates the price of the future coin to the value of the assets and guarantees a minimum value of your visual assets, and makes them as stable as the chosen crypto.


Join CoinAvatar testnet - mint NFT Coins, get rewarded for your actions with CAV tokens!

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⭐ CoinAvatar ICO details:

CoinAvatar ICO ICO Details

CoinAvatar ICO Start: 12 01 2023

CoinAvatar ICO End: 01 30 2024

CoinAvatar Symbol: CAV

CoinAvatar Platform: ERC-20

CoinAvatar Offering Type: ICO

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