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C+Charge ICO

ICO C+Charge Description:

ICO Description

C+Charge Mission is to change the world with blockchain technology C+Charge aims to democratize the carbon credit industry by enabling EV drivers the ability to earn these rewards that have previously been reserved for large corporations and entities.


C+Charge is a blockchain-powered network that is the first on-chain or off-chain platform that allows EV drivers to earn carbon credits simply by driving and charging their vehicles. on to become the universal payment solution for EV charging stations, harnessing the power of blockchain technology with decentralized finance bringing carbon credit sustainability to the masses.


C+Charge is democratizing the carbon credit market, becoming the first platform on or off chain that will allow electric vehicle (EV) drivers and owners the ability to earn carbon credits. Utilizing web3 and blockchain technology to integrate the EV and carbon credit sectors, C+Charge aims to build a revolutionary platform that will become the first on or off chain network that unites driving and charging EV’s with carbon credits. C+Charge utility token holders will also earn carbon credits. C+Charge provides a web3 solution for a real world problem and real world utility.


A carbon credit is a permit that allows the owner to emit a certain amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gasses. One carbon credit is equivalent to the emission of one ton of any greenhouse gas. In general, big corporations are incentivized to reduce their emission of carbon dioxide, but they have to spend extra money on exceeding the limit. There is a carbon market that allows the exchange of these carbon credits, where they can sell their extra credits. The ultimate aim of the concept of carbon credits is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

⭐ C+Charge ICO details:

C+Charge ICO ICO Details

C+Charge ICO Start: 12 12 2022

C+Charge ICO End: 02 05 2023

C+Charge Symbol: $CCHG

C+Charge Platform: BSC

C+Charge Offering Type: ICO

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