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Bullit ICO

ICO Bullit Description:

ICO Description

Bullit is a new file type that can contain any amount and any type of content. It can only be opened by the intended receiver upon acceptance of the sender’s terms and conditions. In future instances of the product, every transaction will be recorded on the blockchain.


In addition to that, ‘Bullits’ will have an option to be converted into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to ensure ownership that is absolute, evidenced and recorded. Bullit gives you, the sender, privacy and control over your content. If you ever suspect a breach, you can retract your content in real-time and on-demand.


Bullit is a secure file sharing service, which allows users to encrypt a file and send it safely via any of their usual communication channels. It is a new file type that can contain any amount or type of content. Currently, providers in this space all continue to be private, centralised services. They house your data, they own your data. If they don’t like you for any reason they can delete your data. Not only does Bullit not do this, we can’t do this.


Bullits are secured by a 256-bit, military-grade encryption protocol and will be linked to the Theta Blockchain.


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⭐ Bullit ICO details:

Bullit ICO ICO Details

Bullit ICO Start: 03 10 2022

Bullit ICO End: 04 10 2022

Bullit Symbol: BULT

Bullit Platform: THETA

Bullit Offering Type: ICO

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