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ICO Billiardo Game

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Billiardo Game ICO

ICO Description

Billiardo is a 3D Play-To-Earn game metaverse version on the blockchain technology of your favorite pool game, where anyone can earn tokens through skilled and strategic gameplay. Billiardo is a cue sport which played on a billiardo table with six pockets, cue sticks and sixteen billiardo balls: a cue ball and fifteen object balls... that is played by two players against each other, where the winner collect the token.
The game is being developed by a team of experts in multiple disciplines with unmatched experience in game design and development,also it's on the Unity game engine, which allows you to play this game via a web browser, android and IOS version.
The game is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain which is known by its cheap gas fees, and it is compatible with WEB3 wallets such as MetaMask...
Our vision is to make players the ultimate protagonists and shapers of the game, those who consistently play and capture the value from their achievements. Unlike other games, Billiardo offers multiple ways for players to participate in the game economy, whether activily or passively. Thus, we are building a gaming world for diverse players, with the aspiration to allow the community adopt various gameplay roles and freely run a decentralized player-owned economy.
Billiards & pool games are played by millions in both online and offline., its one of the most popular activities measured by sports Data. we are building game with wide appeal that can introduce millions of unexposed audiences to blockchain, So let the Games Begin and show your skills.



✅ ICO Billiardo Game details

ICO Details

ICO «Billiardo Game» ICO Start: 2022-04-13

ICO «Billiardo Game» ICO End: 2022-04-20

ICO «Billiardo Game» Symbol: BLD

ICO «Billiardo Game» Platform: Binance Smart Chain BSC

ICO «Billiardo Game» PreICO Start: 2022-04-13

ICO «Billiardo Game» PreICO End: 2022-04-20

ICO «Billiardo Game» Offering Type: ICO

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