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ICO Bellatrix Network

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Bellatrix Network

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Bellatrix Network ICO

ICO Description

Bellatrix Network is the first MMO game of earning cryptocurrency and blowing up cars. Bellatrix Network seeks to be fully transparent about the token economics. $BTX tokens will be offered for sale. Also, the tokens will be released during the in-game mining process.


The more vehicles you own, the more $BTX tokens you will be able to mine. In addition, those who participated in the pre-order campaign will have a unique chance to mine a huge chunk of $BTX during the beta testing and early gaming days. Gear up!


$BTX’s pool will eventually deflate, thanks to our state of the art «burning» mechanism. Every time a player buys somBNBing with $BTX from our marketplace, 30% of tokens used in the transaction will burn, and the rest will go back to the mining pool. This mechanism will ensure $BTX’s strong positioning in the market and incentivize early adopters to «mine» as much $BTX as humanly possible in the early days.



✅ ICO Bellatrix Network details

ICO Details

ICO «Bellatrix Network» ICO Start: 2022-03-25

ICO «Bellatrix Network» ICO End: 2022-05-26

ICO «Bellatrix Network» Symbol: BTX

ICO «Bellatrix Network» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «Bellatrix Network» Private Sale Start: 2022-03-25

ICO «Bellatrix Network» Private Sale Finish: 2022-05-26

ICO «Bellatrix Network» Offering Type: ICO

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