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ICO Description

Zappermint is on the verge of revolutionising the way we monetize games and apps. As more and more consumers, developers and publishers discover the benefits of the Zappermint platform, we see the ZAPP token evolving into a desirable, new reward methodology, capturing the value that exists in user’s attention and engagement. The ZAPP token is an ERC-20 compatible utility token used to incentivize users to play or use apps and boost rewards for developers.


Zappermint is the first decentralized adless app revenue model that uses two tokens, our own ZAPP token to incentivize users and the USDN token to reward developers and publishers. The total estimated value of the global mobile ad revenue market in 2024 is 4.8 billion USD[1]. Our goal is to capture at least 1% of that market.


Zappermint is on the verge of revolutionising the way we monetize games and apps.

The problem
Are you tired of all those ads when you're using apps?
Advertisers are paying quite some money to show them.
Revenue for ads have come down during the last years, causing developers to add more and more ads with frustrated users as a result.

Our solution
The Zappermint ecosystem asks users to put collateral into a shared pool.
Users have the freedom to take their collateral back when they are done.
From this shared pool of collateral a yield is generated monthly.
This yield is brought to the Zappermint vault and is used to payout developers and publishers.

The Zapp Wallet
The apps that support Zappermint are called Zapps and they are listed in the Zapp Wallet (iOS and Android)

The ZAPP token
When you are logged in with Zappermint and start using a Zapp, you are rewarded with ZAPP tokens based on the time you use it.
The more you play, the more ZAPP tokens you earn.
You will be able to burn them to unlock in game items or just sell them on the open market.
Developers will be able to burn ZAPP tokens to increase their share of the earnings.
You can use ZAPP as a governance token and vote on important decisions.

Start with Zappermint. Start using apps without ads and get your head out of your ads.


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ICO Details

ICO «Zappermint» ICO Start: 2021-01-14

ICO «Zappermint» ICO End: 2021-02-14

ICO «Zappermint» Symbol: ZAPP

ICO «Zappermint» Platform: Ethereum

ICO «Zappermint» Offering Type: ICO

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