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ICO ZAP Token Description:

ICO Description

Zap will be a disruptive force driving change in a wide range of global industries, including finance, insurance, real estate, and shipping. Zap will also find applications in dynamic new distributed application protocols, providing new monetization opportunities for individuals and emerging economies.

Zap is well-positioned to be the premier provider of data for smart contracts, and stands to potentially monetize any device linked to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The token distributed at the token launch is known as the Zap Token, or ZAP. This is the only me that these tokens can be created, and therefore the total supply of ZAP is fixed. In order to create an oracle or make queries for data, both providers and subscribers must bond their ZAP, locking it up in an individual oracle. They will then gain control over an oracle-specific integer value known as "dots".

Dots can be used to query their oracle or destroyed to release ZAP from their respecve oracle. One Dot is equal to one query to its respective oracle, and is non-exchangeable and indivisible. A Dot is not a token, and is only an integer value. The amount of ZAP necessary to bond to produce one Dot is determined by a price/supply curve delineated by the data provider during oracle creation, and is designed to introduce several dynamic economic mechanisms for incentivizing oracle curation by creators, subscribers, and speculators alike.

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⭐ ZAP Token ICO details:

ZAP Token ICO ICO Details

ZAP Token ICO Start: 10 21 2017

ZAP Token ICO End: 11 20 2017

ZAP Token Symbol: ZAP

ZAP Token Platform: Ethereum

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