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ICO ZAINX Description:

ICO Description

Zainx is the best Crypto-One-Stop-Solution platform with zero percent trading fees. Our platform encompasses all features of a digital economic system based on cryptocurrency. The platform is made up of core elements such as an e-wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange, and a native token. Additionally, it provides related features and services such as market cap rankings, token listings, and merchant tools (namely, a payment gateway or point of sale), a merchant list , and an early version of a cryptocurrency-friendly market place.


Zainx is a decentralized exchange platform which allows our users to trade with zero-fees. Zain (ZLN) is a ERC20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform current features include:

1. Cryptocurrency/token/ICO listings, a feature that allows coin developers, and owners to add to become part of the Zain ecosystem.

2. Market cap ranking, a widget featuring an archive list with the market prices, and the trading volume of crypto currencies listed on www.zainx.co.

3. Promo trading, campaigns featuring the tokens that name recently closed their token sales.

4. News feed that displays the most recent updates from Zain, posts from the company social media channels and articles published by the leading cryptocurrency news.

5. Merchant list, an early version of t he Zain market place, on which customers can find merchant s accepting cryptocurrency payment s for their services directly via our native token the ZLN tokens.


COMPONENTS: Zainx aims to develop solutions to the global needs of the cryptocurrency industry in general, and with particular attention to the demands of individual users who intend to manage their asset s online. The platform focuses on providing individuals with guidelines for a smooth start in the cryptocurrency world. The full Zainx system comprises multiple interconnected applications that are available to Zain(ZLN) account owners, divided into two main types of users: regular users and admins (company staff).


The principal Zainx applications are:

1. Core Application: Account management tools, registration and login processing, security features, password reset mechanism.

2. Exchange: Listing and trading of the most trad-able currencies and token pairs; order placements and processing.

3. Wallet: Storage of token


EXCHANGE: The Zain platform has an integrated exchange allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies directly from their Zain wallets. The exchange back-end manages trading pairs dynamically. New tokens and trading pairs are continuously added in accordance with the community's preferences, and with the collaboration of token developers. For token developer a dynamic fees are set for each cryptocurrency. Users can ark specific pairs as favourites. For each trading pair, the exchange displays the following information: the type of currency, the daily transaction volume of the chosen cryptocurrency, and price increase/decrease over the last 24 hours.

The primary focus of the Zain platform at this time is to improve the overall cryptocurrency user experience through its services and features, and above all, its cryptocurrency exchange. Zain approaches usability issues related to virtual currencies in an innovative way, inspired by disruptive technologies and trends such as blockchain, smart contracts, DAOs, token sales, and so on. The platform gathers the most popular services and products associated with cryptocurrency into a single outlet. Zain allows users to deposit , withdraw, buy, sell, and spend cryptocurrency safely, and to take advantage of the additional services that are and will be continuously implemented on www.zainx.co to keep up with the fast-paced fintech industry.



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⭐ ZAINX ICO details:


ZAINX ICO Start: 02 17 2021

ZAINX ICO End: 07 17 2021


ZAINX Platform: Ethereum

ZAINX PreICO Start: 2021-02-17

ZAINX PreICO End: 2021-07-17

ZAINX Offering Type: ICO

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