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Yurick coinS ICO

ICO Yurick coinS Description:

ICO Description

Unique golden mean based on open source contracts. Waves technology made it possible to combine and create: a smart, price-stable and cryptographic game coin. Yurick coinS (YS) is the first and only hedge-token of its kind, focused on maximizing profitability at a given risk or minimizing risks for a given profitability in areas such as trade, investment and financing ...


Yurick coinS is pegged to the US dollar, but there’s always more or less of it exactly as much as it’s less or more than EURO! Yurick coinS is located in the middle and constantly takes its honorable 2nd place (golden mean) in this three.


⭐ Yurick coinS ICO details:

Yurick coinS ICO ICO Details

Yurick coinS ICO Start: 03 22 2020

Yurick coinS ICO End: 04 22 2020

Yurick coinS Symbol: Yurick coinS

Yurick coinS Platform: Waves

Yurick coinS Offering Type: ICO

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