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ICO «You42»

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ICO «You42» Listed:

April 30, 2018 ● AMP Version link

Community Member:

Sarah James

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ICO Description

You42 seeks to eliminate the problem of intertinment industry fracture by removing the middleman from the equation; no longer is a studio or label needed to bridge the gap between an artist and the audience. You42 is a revolutionary social entertainment platform putting artists and fans in control like never before, enabling new levels of discoverability and success.

The platform serves as a venue for distribution, content creation, collaboration and consumption. You42 brings content creators and consumers together, giving creators a new avenue for monetization, and providing rewards and incentives for users. Users can interact through social, music, video, gaming and more, bringing together a variety of consumers.

The Token Revolutionizing Entertainment

Blockchain technology affords You42 a method of decentralized control which is core to our vision. By implementing a token economy, You42 will start to decrease the need for third-party merchant services and puts creators in the driver’s seat.

The U42 token serves as the economic layer for You42’s marketplaces to commercially incentivize participation, discovery and curation. Initially, U42 tokens will be activated in the network by content creators and brands in order to promote content.

Ready Product

• Tokens distributed at the close of the ICO, usable immediately

• Established company background

• 10 years of business history

• Future-proof token economy



ICO Details

ICO «You42» ICO Start: July 2, 2018

ICO «You42» ICO Finish: August 31, 2018

ICO «You42» Symbol: U42

ICO «You42» Platform: Ethereum

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