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Xpress Mobile App ICO

ICO Xpress Mobile App Description:

ICO Description

Xpress Mobile App is a next-gen digital platform consisting of a mobile messenger bot, web based portal and a cloud based exchange, all powered by data driven analytics. Xpress Mobile App provides the payment system for storage, exchange and management of financial assets in fiat and crypto-currencies, identity verification, rating system, as well as, the ability to participate in credit and loyalty programs. The platform enables customers to quickly find the provider of the desired service, and for suppliers it enables to receive additional customers.


Your data is under secure protection, the app uses our own protocol. All traffic is encrypted with Diffie-Hellman algorithms and AES Advanced Encryption Standard using SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) hash functions. Correspondence is encrypted with the RSA-2048 algorithm.


Unlike most services, we do not use hot wallets. You are the only keeper of your funds. Xpress-app.biz do not have access to your private keys, so you can be sure they are secure.

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⭐ Xpress Mobile App ICO details:

Xpress Mobile App ICO ICO Details

Xpress Mobile App ICO Start: 04 01 2021

Xpress Mobile App ICO End: 06 21 2021

Xpress Mobile App Symbol: XMAP

Xpress Mobile App Platform: Ethereum

Xpress Mobile App Offering Type: ICO

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