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Witcoin ICO

ICO Witcoin Description:

ICO Description

Witcoin is a currency backed by knowledge. Alternately, knowledge is the currency that enables participation in the new global economy, the knowledge economy: this enables anyone and everyone to participate or contribute if they possess the requisite knowledge. A new overlaid decentralized platform of several actors that consult with each other across corporations and organizations is conceived for connecting and developing individuals, their ideas, and their projects so that the individuals collaborate with each other, getting and providing the best of their digital selves: their knowledge.

The more knowledge that is put into action, the more wealth and the more witcoins represent and share this benefit among the actors. Some of them will do it professionally for themselves or on behalf of a company, others as a safe complement of their experience. We all need this knowledge anytime: individuals, as peer consumers, might get knowledge online that helps them connect to the proper resources, experts, and partners to address the needs of their projects. Doing so, individuals will perceive that they can conduct business in novel ways and become peer producers such that they might consult with anyone else and get (extra) income with their high-added-value knowledge services. As new liquidity soars, there will be no good project left behind, and the economy will thrive. Just as e-mail enabled bilateral messaging and bitcoin enabled bilateral financial transactions, witcoin enables multilateral knowledge empowerment, i.e., knowledge into action, of the highest added value. Witcoin is then the currency that will best match the needs of the knowledge economy, the next global industry in the revolution we are living, so that the money supply is linked to the added value of connected knowledge for our society, our needs, and our resources. Witcoin will enable a new business of unprecedented impact and value, as the new virtual currency will be available to fund (new) business in unprecedented ways.

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Witcoin ICO ICO Details

Witcoin ICO Start: 10 16 2017

Witcoin ICO End: 11 06 2017

Witcoin Symbol: WIT

Witcoin Platform: Ethereum

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