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ICO Winding Tree

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Winding Tree ICO

ICO Winding Tree Description:

ICO Description

Winding Tree is a decentralized travel distribution network. It is built on top of Ethereum platform and owned by the community. The network connects buyers and sellers via a set of smart contracts and open-source tools in a non-rent-seeking manner without taking a transaction fee. At the same time, the participants of the Winding Tree platform are able to govern the platform collaboratively.

Winding Tree offers a decentralized alternative to GDS and OTA distribution with a reduced cost of distribution and more packaging flexibility than traditional platforms. The following features aim to address current issues and enable an unprecedented surge of permissionless innovation in the travel industry.

The Winding Tree team has more than 40 accumulated years of architecture and programming experience in the travel space with leading incumbent travel intermediaries.

We are creating the next-generation decentralized travel platform on Ethereum, allowing for a true peer-to-peer economy to free up creativity and innovation in the travel industry.

Winding Tree will not charge suppliers any distribution fees and will only charge a minuscule transaction fee to incentivize miners to give computational power to the network. These fees will be automatically calculated by the blockchain at the time of transaction and will have no correlation with total booking price or complexity. Suppliers will have the option to set a default referral commission if they wish to do so. If a referral fee is set, any individual who refers a customer to the supplier will automatically receive the referral amount set by the hotel – if they voluntarily decide to set one. Hotels can also set up individual referral rates for different entities if they wish to do so. Winding Tree will be deployed on one (or several) of public blockchains, which guarantees 100% uptime. Winding Tree is a fully-automated solution, integrating directly with the reservation systems of travel suppliers. Transactions on our platform happen within a few seconds, determined simply by the time needed for the blockchain to mine a block.

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⭐ Winding Tree ICO details:

Winding Tree ICO ICO Details

Winding Tree ICO Start: 02 01 2018

Winding Tree ICO End: 02 15 2018

Winding Tree Symbol: LIF

Winding Tree Platform: Ethereum

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