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Winco ICO

ICO Winco Description:

ICO Description

Winco's fundamental concept is to decentralize the financing of startups, the franchise market and the real estate market, generating lower costs and integrating physical and digital assets. Winco will also be used in these ventures as a payment form.

All new business and venture linked to the Winco project will be traded with FIAT and Winco coins, in addition to accepting any other established crypto-coins. With each new business or venture added to the portfolio, Winco gains market value, encouraging new consumers and entrepreneurs to use Winco as a means of payment, consolidating it as the Startups and Real Estate Market Cryptocurrency.

Winco is used to finance numerous companies and enterprises and to be accepted in the payments of the products and services of these same companies, maintaining their liquidity and valuation.

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⭐ Winco ICO details:

Winco ICO ICO Details

Winco ICO Start: 02 19 2018

Winco ICO End: 03 29 2018

Winco Symbol: WCO

Winco Platform: Ehereum

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