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Websser ICO

ICO Websser Description:

ICO Description

Websser is a marketplace of service providers that aims to become the leader in the sector. We are a worldwide Services Marketplace for local businesses. We believe in empowering individuals through technology, a disruptive method, and blockchain. A better world for everyone.


How does it works?

  • Gather Suppliers - from all professions, segments and socioeconomic levels
  • Using Geolocation In Real Time - to provide fast and convenient service
  • Connecting Suppliers - And guaranteeing a secure service in both directions (C2C)
  • Monitor, Rate And Analyze Services Of Suppliers - with the objective of establishing price standards, quality, profiles and market analysis in the future.


The project is being developed in Mexico, a large country facing significant challenges, much like many others in Latin America and around the world. A substantial portion of the population requires assistance in improving their economic prospects and finding better-paying employment.


Websser will initiate operations in Mexico and, following a detailed process outlined in the roadmap, will transform into a financial startup to comply with Mexican government regulations. Subsequently, it will expand virally across the country simultaneously, thanks to an industrial secret owned by Websser.


The launch of the Websser token (WEBSS) provides the financial support necessary for the project to carry on the excellent work being done, complete the software in its BETA version, and move forward to the final PROJECTversion. It is also crucial for the ongoing operation, launch, and distribution of Websser.


The Websser team will implement a comprehensive viralization strategy, which is the result of extensive efforts in market research, analysis, and strategic planning. Furthermore, we have benefited from professional guidance throughout this process. All of this is aimed at achieving the widest possible dissemination for the project.The information of the processes will be supported by the Bitcoin blockchain to ensure that the records remain secure and immutable, with various objectives in the future, guaranteeing a disruptive method for the benefit of the system and its users.

⭐ Websser ICO details:

Websser ICO ICO Details

Websser ICO Start: 08 01 2024

Websser ICO End: 09 01 2024

Websser Symbol: WEBSS

Websser Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Websser Offering Type: ICO

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