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Web3Metavesre ICO

ICO Web3Metavesre Description:

ICO Description

Web3Metavesre is an innovative gaming and metaverse network with a new kind of payment ecosystem. Web3Metaverse Token (WMT) is a Web3 Network application with Metaverse and Gaming elements.


Web3Metaverse is one of the most transformative technologies since the invention of the Internet. Web3Metaverse stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that WMT provides globally for anyone participate to VR gaming in a permissionless and decentralized network.


Web3 is also known as the third generation of the internet. It aims to remove control from large corporations and operate in a decentralized way that is owned, built and operated by the users themselves.
Unlike traditional online companies that leverage your information, Web3 will give back control of data to the individual. It will bring unique possibilities. For instance, musical artists can post their creations on decentralized platforms or their own personal devices instead of relying on centralized organizations like Spotify or YouTube to profit from them.
Web3 aims to avoid watchdogs or agencies telling you what services you can access or can’t access. Transactions in Web3 are between two or more parties without a middleman to improve privacy, autonomy and control of data.

⭐ Web3Metavesre ICO details:

Web3Metavesre ICO ICO Details

Web3Metavesre ICO Start: 10 15 2022

Web3Metavesre ICO End: 11 15 2022

Web3Metavesre Symbol: WMT

Web3Metavesre Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Web3Metavesre PreICO Start: 2022-09-15

Web3Metavesre PreICO End: 2022-10-14

Web3Metavesre Private Sale Start: 2022-08-05

Web3Metavesre Private Sale Finish: 2022-09-14

Web3Metavesre Offering Type: ICO

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