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ICO Wealthium

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Wealthium ICO

ICO Wealthium Description:

ICO Description

The Wealthium team aims to build a decentralized platform to exchange investment intelligence based on Blockchain and smart contracts. On this platform anyone can publish their portfolio strategies and investors can subscribe to them based on their preferences. Wealthium empowers both publishers and investors to grow their wealth by exchanging investment intelligence.

Investment intelligence will soon become a new class of asset. We can exchange it on Wealthium and distribute it to everyone in a low cost, efficient and transparent way. Our aim is to disrupt traditional asset management industry by creating a new wealth network.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make tailored investment intelligence accessible to the mass market through a trusted and transparent environment, while empowering people to make their own choices.

Our Objectives

Our platform has three main objectives: disrupt, decentralize, democratize

Disrupt the traditional asset management industry

We acknowledge the inefficiency and unfairness in the traditional asset management industry. Wealthium lowers the cost of information and encourages freedom of choice, allowing everyone to align investment with their actual investment needs. We give full visibility, control and ownership of wealth management back to individuals.

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Wealthium ICO ICO Details

Wealthium ICO Start: 10 16 2017

Wealthium ICO End: 12 03 2017

Wealthium Symbol: WTH

Wealthium Platform: Blockchain

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