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  • COINBASE Exchange

ICO «WandX»

⭐ Finance

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October 13, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

WandX solves the above problems through providing tools to create, trade, settle financial instruments as well as allowing crypto-assets to be recorded on the blockchain.

  • Users can hedge risk inherent risks with cryptocurrencies by trading in portfolios of cryptocurrencies. Our initial product only allows trades in ERC20 tokens.
  • By trading in a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, users can acquire multiple cryptocurrencies with a single transaction. Using our liquidate contract, users can transfer these cryptocurrencies into their account.
  • Shorting a stock in the traditional stock markets requires brokers to mediate the borrowing of the stock from someone willing to lend it. Shorting basically allows users to bet on the drop in price of the asset. This can be done using escrow contracts, or by purchasing a put option on that particular cryptocurrency. The tools to write these options or creating these escrow contracts will be provided on WandX.
  • Creation of a portfolio of ERC20 tokens which also contain highly volatile ERC20 token prices increases the liquidity of these tokens due to easier availability of the tokens as well as better price discovery because of a larger number of trades of that token.
  • WandX provides tools to create tokens that can be backed by a digital asset, and these tokens can be traded on our platform. We are experimenting with a larger number of trades happening off-chain, and only recording of the trades happening on-chain.

(Our initial product is enabling users to trade in a portfolio of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, hence when portfolio of cryptocurrencies is referred to, it is actually ERC20 tokens. After our token sale we will expand into products as detailed in our roadmap and whitepaper).

(Crypto-asset and cryptocurrency is often inter-changed to represent our larger vision, which is to enable peer to peer creation, trade, and settlement of crypto-financial instruments).



ICO Details

ICO «WandX» ICO Start: October 22, 2017

ICO «WandX» ICO Finish: November 22, 2017

ICO «WandX» Symbol: Wand

ICO «WandX» Platform: Ethereum

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