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Supply and Logistics

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ICO Description

Vietnam Smarthub Logistics (VSL) - The technology ecosystem connects logistics activities, operating 24/24. Create an intermediary operating center, handle online services in real time, operate on the cloud platform, authenticate the identity of each participant, issue legal electronic documents. physical. VSL integrates financial, insurance and transportation services.


Consists of:

• Sea port/ICD/Depot
• Shipping line
• Transport company
• Customs
• Banking
• Insurance
• Import-export services company
• CFS warehouse, Bonded warehouse.


Current process:

For port: Register orders at the counter, pay cash, print paper documents, find containers at the yard,...

For transportation: The trucks run under the contract, the shipper looking for trucks, send the delivery documents for carrier.

For shipping line: Register at the front office, pay cash, inssue paper documents, keep the paper documents to port for comparison.

For customs: Bring the customs declaration to the customs office to liquidate the declaration.

Vietnam Smarthub Logistics(VSL) was born to change the traditional process. Transactions are transferred from face to face, printing, confirmation by stamp.. and digitally converted according to the online process on VSL ecosystem. All participants inherit – integrate – share legally valid data, authenticated by each entity and in real time.

VSL was designed and developed in 2018, after more than 5 years of reseach and development by a team of logistics technology, development experts for upgrading the services, utilities and digital transformation of Vietnam’s Logistics industry and expand to other countries. VSL aims to create a breakthrough information technology solution, providing absolute accuracy in mining data, optimizing time, reducing costs and human resources by creating a open ecology responds to and services for all relate to.

Since October 2021. VSL feature components have been recognized by many international shipping lines in the top 4 most important criteria for evaluating Vietnamese seaports. The creation of VSL Token is expected to bring the benefit from the rapid development of the VSL user community. As well as create a modern and prosperous future for the Logistics industry in Vietnam and Asia.

In January 2022, VSL has successfully connected with 51 shipping lines around in the world, 4 international container ports, 280 carries with more than 12,000 vehicles, 5 barge operators, general department of Vietnam customs, VNPT, Military Bank ( MBB ) and National payment gateway NAPAS.

To get ready to explore with asmart trucking application ( a sharing economy model similar like Grab ). The only application at the moment, can order container trucks online , complete electronic documents at port.

The everage cash flow through the VSL system is more than $ 5,000,000 (five million Dollars) per month. It is expected that by the third quarter of 2022, the monthly cash flow is expected to reach $ 40,000,000 (forty million Dollars)



✅ ICO VSL details

ICO Details

ICO «VSL» ICO Start: 2022-05-08

ICO «VSL» ICO End: 2022-12-31

ICO «VSL» Symbol: VSL

ICO «VSL» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «VSL» PreICO Start: 2022-05-08

ICO «VSL» PreICO End: 2022-12-31

ICO «VSL» Private Sale Start: 2022-05-08

ICO «VSL» Private Sale Finish: 2022-12-31

ICO «VSL» Offering Type: ICO

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