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Voodoo Token ICO

ICO Voodoo Token Description:

ICO Description

Voodoo Token (VDO) is a decentralized P2P digital currency built on the Pulsechain blockchain, serving as the main token within the Voodoo ecosystem. This page highlight the key aspects of the features of Voodoo Token and the basics of the ecosystem.

Attention! Although we try our best to cover the most important aspects, It's impossible to cover the full detailed ecosystem on just one page. For a full detailed explanation of the ecosystem, we recommend reading the whitepaper.


Voodoo Token stands right in the middle between the MAGIC Reward Token and the POISON Reward Token, acting like a bridge between the two tokens. People need Voodoo Token to earn staking rewards in the MAGIC Reward Token or POISON Reward Token. Let's take a closer look at how Voodoo Token works and in what decentralized applications you can use them to earn passive income

Token Details
• Token Name: Voodoo Token
• Token Symbol: VDO
• Total Supply: 21,000,000 VDO
• Circulating Supply: 19,950,000 VDO
• Decimals: 18
• Token Contract: 0x1c5f8e8E84AcC71650F7a627cfA5B24B80f44f00

Voodoo Token works on a simple but well-made token contract to focus on safety and simplicity. The token contract doesn't consist out more then 10 rules and there aren’t any extra features or mechanisms integrated to make sure it’s extra safe. This straightforward approach makes sure it's extra strong and protect it against any attacks, bugs or any other security problems.

Key Features

Voodoo Token's contract is simplified to enhance safety and minimize risks. Additional functionalities such as staking rewards, farming strategies, or liquidity mining are separately integrated into various decentralized applications that interact with Voodoo Token. This makes Voodoo Token a safe a store of value.


VoodooGroup is an external and decentralized part of the Voodoo ecosystem (Decentralized autonomous organization), set up to ensure and analyze the smooth functioning and growth of the project. It uses VoodooToken as reserve currency to fund decentralized applications ( Staking, Gambling, Voodoo Bank ect.) Another goal of VoodooGroup is providing 24h support and assistance to all users and holders within the ecosystem.

Use Cases

Voodoo Token role across different decentralized applications within the Voodoo Ecosystem

Staking Platform

The Voodoo token serves as a utility token on the staking platform, Stake Voodoo Tokens and earn the MAGIC Reward Token or POISON Reward Token as passive income.

Voodoo Bank

The Voodoo token acts as both a utility and DeFi token on the Voodoo Bank. Users can lock up their Voodoo tokens to receive more Voodoo tokens in return.

Gambling application

The Voodoo token acts as a utility token on the gambling platform, allowing users to gamble with it.


Total Supply

The total supply of Voodoo tokens will be fixed at 21,000,000 ensuring scarcity and value appreciation over time. This controlled supply creates a sense of exclusivity and rarity that can contribute to the token’s long-term value.

Burn events -5%

Already 5% (1,050,000 tokens) has been burned by VoodooGroup and will remain permanently
stored at the address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000369 This burning
process removes the tokens from the circulation, creating scarcity and potentially
increasing the value of the remaining 19,950,000 tokens.

Marketing & Buyback -15%

VoodooGroup allocate 15% (3,150,000 tokens) for marketing, buyback, and
growth. This benefits our community and investors, driving adoption and long-term

Liquidity Pool –30%

Around 30% (6.300.000 tokens) will be used as liquidity across multiple pools. This to ensures easy trading, and stability within different markets.

Holders Redistribution –50%

VoodooGroup use 50% (10,500,000 tokens) as a reserve fund for all decentralized applications within the voodoo ecosystem to reward all De-Fi users


Behind the scenes, VoodooGroup is working on a user-friendly crypto wallet called Voodoo Wallet, where you can securely store Voodoo Tokens on your own phone. With easy access and security features, managing your tokens will be very easy. This wallet also includes a cross-chain swap, sending money requests, and storage for NFTs that are bought in the Voodoo fiat-on-ramp crypto shop. As you might have read in the whitepaper, VoodooGroup is also continuously developing new decentralized applications to keep attracting new users to the Voodoo ecosystem.


Voodoo Token is not an average meme token without any utility. No, it's a well-built token with multiple features controlled by a decentralized autonomous organization. It acts as a bridge between the MAGIC Reward Token and POISON Reward Token within the staking platform. The token contract ensures safety and simplicity to boost security. Furthermore, Voodoo Token serves as a DeFi, utility, and reserve currency within the ecosystem, making it a meme token with a strong use case. Get ready for mass adoption!

Get started for free! Visit www.voodootoken.com to claim your free Voodoo Token!

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⭐ Voodoo Token ICO details:

Voodoo Token ICO ICO Details

Voodoo Token ICO Start: 06 12 2023

Voodoo Token ICO End: 06 19 2023

Voodoo Token Symbol: VDO

Voodoo Token Platform: Pulsechain

Voodoo Token Offering Type: ICO

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