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Vitscoin ICO

ICO Description


Vitscoin is an ecosystem Utility Token initiative that features a multi-chain wallet (ERC20, BEP20, and much more) and NFTs MarketPlace, allowing users to buy, sell, and even create NFTs. We've also set up an exchange for swaps where users can exchange their coins to other cryptocurrencies, and we'll launch the new project on swap exchange. We will also develop a social platform that will offer detailed analysis on a new crypto project, and users can communicate with the crypto community on a single platform.


VITSCOIN | $VCOIN- An Ecosystem Utility Token Initiative!


Multi-Chain Wallet
NFTs Marketplace
Swap & DAap Exchange
Social Network Platform
Staking Pools
Buy Back & Burn Event
Passive Income
Many more to come!

Passive Income
We will provide the passive income to our coin holders every quarter, whatever the earning we generate through the ecosystem fees, we will distribute 70% of earning to our coin holders every quarter manually program. Holders also can generate more passive income through staking pools and social platform activity.

How Ecosystem Earn Fees
Social Network Platform
Swap Exchange
IDO Launchpad with Marketing Support
NFTs Platform Fees
Many more to come!

Our Aim:

VITSCOIN offers an ecosystem to crypto investors and projects owners to secure their money and trust in the crypto space. People using this crypto space sometimes fall into the trap and lose their hard-earned money as they do not know how to analyze new projects and are not able to know the intention of scammers. We are providing a protective shield to investors from rugged projects. Project owners can launch their projects and pitch their idea to crypto investors.


✅ ICO Vitscoin details

ICO Details

ICO «Vitscoin» ICO Start: 2021-11-15

ICO «Vitscoin» ICO End: 2021-12-15

ICO «Vitscoin» Symbol: VCOIN

ICO «Vitscoin» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «Vitscoin» PreICO Start: 2021-11-15

ICO «Vitscoin» PreICO End: 2021-12-15

ICO «Vitscoin» Offering Type: ICO

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