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VikiCoin ICO

ICO Description

VikiCoin intends to create an online store VikiShop that accepts cryptocurrency payments using the VIKI token as the main currency, as well as other currencies such as BNB, BTC, ETH, USDT and others.

The store will open in the third decade of 2022. There is a huge difference between the VikiCoin project and other projects on the market. VikiCoin brought a huge number of benefits to investors, including the distribution of all tokens among ICO participants, with the exception of 7%, which will be saved by the team for the development of the project. VikiShop will provide investors with a 2% bonus on all purchases. The Viki token will be available for trading on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.


In addition, within the framework of this project, each investor can abandon the project at any time and receive a refund, for which we have implemented a function at the level of a smart contract that automatically returns investments.The development of the project will continue with listing starting in April on Pancakeswap, followed by Gate.io, Xt, Coinsbit, Azbit, Binance and others.

✅ ICO VikiCoin details

ICO Details

ICO «VikiCoin» ICO Start: 2022-01-14

ICO «VikiCoin» ICO End: 2022-04-14

ICO «VikiCoin» Symbol: VIKI

ICO «VikiCoin» Platform: Binance Smart Chain

ICO «VikiCoin» Offering Type: ICO

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