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ICO «Velix.ID»

⭐ Identity & Reputation

4.98 ( 5 votes )
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ICO «Velix.ID» Listed:

January 11, 2018 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

A Global Platform for Frictionless Identity Verification. Velix.ID aims to become an ecosystem  for all stakeholders in the IDV industry — by offering an open, secure, reliable and trusted blockchain smart contract that can become the base of a trust-framework subscribable by all the stakeholders; whether identity holders, verified-identity providers or the verified-identity seekers.

The Velix.ID ecosystem is both time & cost efficient; the time and cost incurred in verifying identities is reduced significantly both for users and businesses.

Transactions on the Velix ID blockchain can be seen by everyone. Verifiable authenticity exists for every transaction made.

Using zero-knowledge-proofs, the latest in the blockchain technology, Velix.ID blockchain ensures the privacy of transacting parties from other users on the blockchain.

No single point of failure can occur in the Velix.ID ecosystem; compromise of a node(s) does not affect the rest of the ecosystem.

User’s data is not stored with Velix. Even if Velix.ID systems are breached, it does nothing to compromise the data of the User.

VLX tokens globalize the platform by facilitating near-instant autonomous transactions between anyone across the world irrespective of geographic boundaries.



ICO Details

ICO «Velix.ID» ICO Start: April 17, 2018

ICO «Velix.ID» ICO Finish: May 15, 2018

ICO «Velix.ID» Symbol: VXD

ICO «Velix.ID» Platform: Ethereum ERC20 Token

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