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ICO Description

VELIC is a security-focused crypto-finance platform, upon which a range of advanced products and services are being built and delivered. Starting from VELIC Exchange launching in February, Vault, Loan, Asset Management services will be followed and all these services can be explored with one single account.

Our goal is to provide access to the cryptofinance arena for professional investors and institutions, who have so far been poorly served by the industry. Once fully launched, the VELIC suite of crypto -financial services will include Asset Management, Loans and Vault services. These products and services are secured with VELIC’s proprietary security protocol layer and are tied together via an integrated crypto asset exchange. All platform activities take place seamlessly and securely from a single VELIC user account.

The VELIC platform and its services will be protected by a proprietary secret sharing protocol. This underlying technology will act as a secure foundation upon which a full suite of crypto-financial solutions can be built and delivered. Further, it will enable the development of sophisticated financial products which will meet the needs of sophisticated crypto asset investors.

The VELIC secret sharing protocol, in its final iteration, will ensure that neither VELIC nor its affliates (and by extension hackers) will have access to its users’ data including private keys, while customers retain full, real-time access over their crypto assets. It also eliminates the issue of lost/stolen keys and plans to include functions to enable assets corresponding to such keys to be recovered/ transferred in the case of extreme events, such as death of their owner. With the VELIC security protocol, users’ crypto assets are safe from being lost or stolen.


ICO Details

ICO «VELIC» ICO Start: March 4, 2019

ICO «VELIC» ICO Finish: March 6, 2019



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