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Vega AI Solutions ICO

ICO Vega AI Solutions Description:

ICO Description

Automated Intelligent Trading App. Vega Intelligent Solutions are dedicated to quality of service in our products to create the greatest user experience. Our ongoing development of the Vega application has inspired confidence created many possibilities to integrate across platforms and work with simple solutions that machine learning can leverage productivity in our everyday lives. As users of the latest technologies and investors ourselves, we understand the importance to uphold our integrity and work towards changing the world of investment tools and portfolio management utilities.

Before we get into the details of release, technology we use, and the development standards towards any of our specific products, we want to make one thing very clear and concise about how we develop. We use Agile development strategies and methodologies in parallel to Test-Driven Development, if not recognized as the same thing. Brian Carter whom has studied in detail and implemented this methodology across corporate teams, is a believer and evangelist in the idea that it brings more up-front quality, improved support, and faster more easily-refactored development code. Unit testing is what drives the quality, user-interface automation testing and manual exploratory testing is what accepts the product. Please look into this development strategy as you will find many great sources out there explaining the 3 basics. Check any upcoming progress or look for the already released video blogs on why and how it is supposed to work in our fast improving development industry. If you are a firm believer in Waterfall methods, we urge you to not continue in reading this even if you think we are being biased in our development vision. This is how our software will plan, develop, and accept upcoming features while still being able to resolve escalated defects. If you do not understand this process, you must before you consider this company as a viable option for you. How we will move forward with this project will be very transparent and clear. We will not release on pure speed but instead quality that reduces technical debt and improves scalability to a many platform services among our market. The idea behind this whitepaper is to be transparent to you and we promise to give you the resources in our own productivity from a Product Owner, Architect, and CEO standpoint. It is our firm belief in truth and confidence for our idea. So we thank you for keeping an open-mind and patience in the development of something greater than any one dimensional product. Let us all work together with Agile from developer to consumer by creating something more efficient and driven towards quality of user experience and coding.

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Vega AI Solutions ICO ICO Details

Vega AI Solutions ICO Start: 11 24 2017

Vega AI Solutions ICO End: 01 07 2018

Vega AI Solutions Symbol: VEGA

Vega AI Solutions Platform: Ethereum

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