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ICO «Utrum»

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ICO «Utrum» Listed:

March 19, 2018 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

What if you could quiet the noise and eliminate the confusion prevalent in cryptocurrency and ICO investing? What if you had a “Playbook” of all the most trusted, legitimate, and carefully reviewed upcoming opportunities…whether ICO, funds, already circulating currencies, etc?

And what if the source of this information was a transparent, highly-trusted community of members with supporting Artificial Intelligence?

This is what we are building at Utrum.

Utrum is a decentralized reward platform which will provide cryptocurrency stakeholders an ecosystem where they can share information in earnest. The Utrum team understands that as new blockchain technologies are being developed, it is increasingly difficult for investors to intelligently and informatively find the best cryptocurrency investments in the industry.

Utrum will provide an ecosystem that solves the problems by connecting experienced analysts and developers with investors and newcomers.

Contributors are rewarded Utrum Tokens (called “OOT” tokens) for contributed content, while investors and newbies are able to access the reviews, ratings, market predictions, and in-depth analysis of assets and opportunities based on trustworthiness and profitability factors. Members are rewarded OOT tokens for ratings they provide.

The $OOT Utility Token Revenue Model

Utrum is a unique blend of crypto and traditional business models which operates as freemium. It is a revolutionary approach where we share platform revenues with the user community. $OOT is the utility token of Utrum Platform.

  1. The platform will earn premium subscription revenues from institutional investors.
  2. The Platform will earn revenues from Crypto and ICO developers to access premium features.
  3. The Platform marketplace for buying and selling crypto related services will earn 1% transaction fee from buyer and seller.
  4. 5% APR reward for token holders will reduce inflation to some extent.
  5. 15% of the platform monthly revenues will be burnt to reduce inflation.
  6. Two week lock period to release contributor payouts.

Utrum Key Features

  1. A comprehensive database of all crypto-related companies and services with team, product and market details.
  2. Reviews, Ratings and in-depth analysis of all crypto-related products and services like Cryptocurrencies / Tokens / Exchanges / Wallets / Investment Funds / Gambling / ICOs.
  3. Reviews are populated by crowd wisdom, Artificial Intelligence, and Analysts.
  4. Machine Learning Algorithm “Trust Factor” will learn rating patterns and results as the community grows to avoid fraudulent practices.
  5. Background checks of ICO / Crypto developers by threat analysts.
  6. Technical / Trading / Educational analysis by crypto experts. AI machine learning will improve the reviews and ratings provided by experts.
  7. Contributors are rewarded for their reviews with $OOT tokens.
  8. Members are rewarded for their ratings with $OOT tokens.
    Knowledge-base with Crypto articles and videos to educate the Crypto Novice.
  9. Members can ask questions and get professional advice from Experts.
  10. Marketplace to buy and sell crypto-related services.
    Institutional Investors and other members can access in-depth analysis and reports of Cryptos and ICOs with a premium subscription.
  11. A community for crypto enthusiasts to meet and network.



ICO Details

ICO «Utrum» ICO Start: May 21, 2018

ICO «Utrum» ICO Finish: June 20, 2018

ICO «Utrum» Symbol: OOT

ICO «Utrum» Platform: Komodo

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