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Urust Global ICO

ICO Urust Global Description:

ICO Description

Urust Global builds upon the Decentralised Identity mechanisms to provide each user with a consolidated ID which she can use to login to any Services and Apps in the Metaverse.


More importantly, Urust Global provides a unified payment hub that handles both fiat and crypto currencies alike, regardless of its central-bank issuers nor its underlying chain. Their payment platform integrates Ripple Network, and thereby attains up to 300 times cheaper processing fee and 100,000 times faster processing time than conventional banks.


Urust Global is actively collaborating with members of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), the W3C Credentials Community Group, and the wider identity community. We’re working with these groups to identify and develop critical standards. We’re developing an open source DID implementation that runs atop existing public chains as a public Layer 2 network designed for world-scale use. The purpose of this implementation is to establish a unified, interoperable ecosystem that developers and businesses can rely on to build a new wave of products, applications, and services that put users in control.


A new form of identity is needed, one that weaves together technologies and standards to deliver key identity attributes—such as self-ownership and censorship resistance— that are difficult to achieve with existing systems. To deliver on these promises, we need a technical foundation made up of seven key innovations—most notably, identifiers that are owned by the user, a user agent to manage keys associated with such identifiers, and encrypted, user-controlled datastores.

⭐ Urust Global ICO details:

Urust Global ICO ICO Details

Urust Global ICO Start: 10 12 2022

Urust Global ICO End: 01 09 2023

Urust Global Symbol: URUST

Urust Global Platform: Binance Smart Chain BEP-20

Urust Global Offering Type: ICO

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