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ICO UBi Description:

ICO Description

UBi Online is the best Web3 Social Media Network for creators powered by Blockchain. Connect, showcase your talents, & monetize with UBi Tokens($UBN). Unlike traditional web2 social media platforms, UBi provides a space where influencers, creators, and users can freely connect and share their passions without limitations.

UBi introduces its native currency, $UBN, as a means for users to earn and monetize their content. Creators have multiple ways to monetize their assets, giving them greater control and ownership over their earnings. This innovative approach empowers creators to turn their passions into sustainable revenue streams, fueling their creative journeys.

Diversity is at the heart of UBi. We welcome creators from all backgrounds, whether they specialize in travel, food, music, or any other field. Our platform celebrates their hard work and dedication, allowing them to shine and build their communities authentically.

As a crypto-based platform, UBi also champions the positive message about the potential of cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology, creating an essential space for crypto enthusiasts and creators.

Join UBi today and be part of the Web3 revolution. Unleash your creativity, earn on your terms, and connect with a global community of influencers and creators. Embrace the power of UBi and experience the limitless possibilities of the decentralized future.

⭐ UBi ICO details:

UBi ICO ICO Details

UBi ICO Start: 06 27 2023

UBi ICO End: 07 14 2023

UBi Symbol: UBN

UBi Platform: Ethereum

UBi Offering Type: ICO

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